Dental Restorations

Dental restorations allow us to repair a tooth damaged by decay or accident.

Taking great care of your teeth will minimize the need for this type of dental treatment. However, accidents happen sometimes. And when they do, you can trust Sunshine Dental for exceptional quality dental restorations that will have you smiling again in no time.

Why Are Dental Restorations Necessary?

woman smiling after receiving dental restorations in sumter south carolinaNaturally, we want to help you maintain that healthy, beautiful smile.

Dental restorations are a perfect way to ensure that your teeth look great, even if you chip a tooth or lose one for any reason. When your smile doesn’t look its best, you may become self-conscious when speaking, laughing or eating. For children, they may be afraid of being teased at school and, as a result, they stop letting that beautiful little smile shine through.

Perhaps even more important, dental restorations ensure that the damaged tooth can still perform its necessary functions of helping you eat and speak properly. Professional repairs will also prevent the damage from worsening, helping ensure the future integrity of the tooth.

We Have Many Tools for Restoring Teeth

Our dentists have a variety of tools at their disposal for restoring your family’s teeth, depending on the circumstances.

You are probably most familiar with fillings, typically used to repair areas of decay or structural damage on the tooth. A filling involves removing the decayed or damaged section, and then filling it in with a strong, permanent material.

The standard materials used in fillings include silver-colored amalgam and tooth-colored composite resin. Although less common, teeth can also be filled using gold and other composite materials.

For more significant damage, our dentists can also provide dental restorations with the use of crowns. These procedures can be used to replace a tooth – or multiple teeth – or to reinforce a broken or deteriorating tooth.

Which Type of Dental Restoration Is Best for Sumter, South Carolina Patients?

Remember the two main functions of dental restorations? We want to ensure that the tooth can continue to do its job, and we want your smile to stay bright and beautiful.

In most cases, the dentist will recommend a specific approach to restoration, depending on the condition of the damaged tooth. But, when we talk about those teeth that take center stage—the ones we see when you smile and speak—we strive to keep them looking as beautiful as possible.

In these cases, we want to be sure to use the tooth-colored composite resin restoration material.

Silver amalgam fillings have been the standard approach for fillings for decades. Amalgam restorations are stronger, less expensive and more durable than other types of materials. When the filling can be seen easily, however, we usually don’t recommend using this material for aesthetic reasons.

Our experienced family dentists have the technical knowledge, experience and artistic touch necessary to provide every member of your family with any necessary dental repairs or restorative work. Most repairs of this nature can be completed in a single office visit.

Contact Sunshine Dental, conveniently located in Sumter, South Carolina, to learn more about dental restorations for you or a family member.