Dental Emergencies

Broken teeth and other dental emergencies are a common occurrence for busy, active families. And while a dental emergency is never pleasant, Sunshine Dental makes the process as easy as possible for you.

We are dedicated to fast action to relieve the pain and trauma of dental emergencies, providing the best options for saving or restoring damaged teeth.

Dental Emergencies: Cracked or Broken Teeth

girl getting treated for dental emergencies in sumter south carolinaWhether you or your child has broken or cracked a tooth, acting quickly is the key to minimizing the damage.

Teeth can be damaged by anything from roughhousing and sports injuries to auto accidents. No matter how the damage occurred, it is critical that you contact our office as quickly as possible. In many cases, the surrounding tissue or the tooth’s root suffers trauma as well.

If you can locate the tooth, you should rinse it in warm water and place it back in its socket. Hold it in place with gauze until you arrive at our office. Take care to handle the tooth only by the enamel, and never touch the root portion.

If that’s not possible — either because you can’t find the tooth or because it won’t stay put – place it in a sealed container of salt water or milk for transport. Rinse your mouth with warm water and use gauze and cold compresses to suppress any bleeding.

We understand how important it is to see you or your child immediately in the case of dental emergencies, and we will clear a time to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

Tooth or Gum Pain in Sumter, South Carolina

Infection or abscess is the most likely culprit if you develop severe pain in a tooth or in the gums. Although it can develop slowly over the course of a few days, it may also come on with full force in a matter of hours.

Either way, severe pain qualifies as a dental emergency!

If you or your child experiences oral pain of any type, rest assured this is not normal. Contact our office as quickly as possible so that we can determine the cause. Infection and abscess can spread throughout the mouth and body, but with antibiotics and other treatment options, we can alleviate the pain in short order.

Lost or Damaged Dental Restorations

When you lose a filling or crown, sensitive portions of your tooth become exposed. If this happens, even the air can cause significant discomfort.

Locate the crown or filling (if you can) and place it in a small envelope or plastic storage bag, and bring it with you to your appointment. Try to avoid eating or drinking until we can repair the tooth.

In most cases, we can replace a missing filling right away, or provide a temporary crown if the original is lost or damaged.

Whatever the problem may be, contact our office as quickly as possible. Sunshine Dental is here for you and your family, to handle all of your dental emergencies.